Myth and Legendsince 1980

On an October day in 1980, the doors of the legendary “old” Baumbar opened for the first time. In just a few days, it seemed that all of the local nightlife was revolving around this one bar. And that’s when the “cavalcade of stars” at the Baumbar began: with Angie Reiter booking an appearance by Roy Black.

It became a gigantic success!

From then on, one star followed another, with famous names such as Percy Sledge, Middle of the Road, Duo Pinguin, Falco, Bilgeri, Fendrich, Franco Andolfo, C. C. Catch, Georg Mc Grey, et al. Annual highlights included our in-house balls, which generally lasted long into the morning hours.

The Reiters continuously tweaked the success of their Baumbar and everything ran fantastically.

Many tales are told about the old Baumbar. If you keep your ears open, you sense that practically everyone in Pinzgau has a personal story about the good old days of the Baumbar. Stories that include the fire at the “old Baumbar”, of course, but also memories of dancing the night-hours away.

In other words, the legendary Baumbar looks back on a long history as an innovative disco at the entrance to Kaprun. With its close Kaprun ties, a number of generations have already grown up with this dance bar. It seems that everyone who’s anyone gets together at the Baumbar.

The hottest night

Everything went fantastic until that one night, the night that would literally become the hottest since the Baumbar had opened. 23 April 1988 – the Baumbar lies in ashes.
This began several sad months for Angie Reiter and her team. Angie took over a bar in Uttendorf, on the swimming lake there, in order to keep her loyal team of many years in a job. In the meantime, the struggles to build the new Baumbar were already underway. When they realized that plans for the new building would be delayed, the Reiter family leased the “Kuhstall” – yet another pub in Kaprun, that they managed according to the tried-and-true “Baumbar principles”. 


The new Baumbar is opened

In the shortest possible time, the new Baumbar was completed, and on 29 September 1989 the long-awaited message was sent out: The new Baumbar is open!

The gigantic party was accompanied by a show program like no other the Pinzgau had ever seen before. Nino de Angelo, Franco Andolfo, Thomas Forstner (delayed) as well as Peter Cornelius guaranteed a fantastic atmosphere. Sports greats such as Ulli Maier, Toni Sailer, Karl Schranz, Peter Seisenbacher and Andi Felder also came to congratulate Angie Reiter.

And from that day on, things went up and up at the Baumbar. Just like in the good old “Baumbar” days, guests could marvel at the stars, let their hair down and party.


October 2015 – A new era begins: The legend continues

After 35 years, Angie Reiter handed over leadership to three young "Kapruners", who will guarantee her legend lives on!

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